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Peter Bowerman’s  The Well-Fed Self-Publisher by  has a subtitle of How to Turn One Book into A Full-Time Living. He’s earned the rights to that slogan because that’s exactly what he did with his first book,  Bowerman actually did that with his first book, The Well-Fed Writer.

Bowerman’s view of traditional publishing is right on.  Even though he loves self-publishing, he’s more than fair to traditional publishers, including why traditional publishing leads to roughly only a dollar a book sold to the author.  The Well-Fed Self-Publisher is Peter’s realistic look at traditional publishing today. Oh sure, he loves self-publishing, but I find his description of trade publishing more than fair. He demonstrates why, you publish your book through a trade publisher,  you’ll be lucky to make a dollar for each book sold. Of course if the publisher sold a million books, or even a hundred-thousand over a year or two or three it might make sense. Don’t hold your breath.

well-fed-self-publisherThese days, he and many others explain, that most trade publishers, because they’re owned by non-publishing companies, are only concerned with the bottom line. As a result, they tend to bet their marketing money on only books they consider sure things.

But as those of you who know Peter’s writing, he’s hardly a naysayer. While his take on trade publishing is discouraging, he makes self-publishing clear, showing  you the ins and outs of making a profitable business out of your book by self-publishing. As he makes so very clear you’ve simply got to sell your book to make money with it. Even the reader likely to become a raving fan won’t find your book if it isn’t marketed.

If you’re writing or have written a book, do yourself a favor and get this book. It may not change your mind, and there can be good reasons for publishing with a trade publisher,  you’ll be looking at your book with more realistic eyes.

Buy The Well-Fed Self-Publisher now! (Yes, that’s an affiliate link… I get a commission when you buy through the links here.)

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