Is Hiring a Ghostwriter For Your Book Legit?

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Some wonder if hiring a ghostwriter is legitimate. There aren’t really many who ask this question these days, but it’s worth taking a look at when you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter.

How old is ghostwriting?

Most people, if they ever think about it, realize ghostwriting has been going on a long time. How long? Again, according to Google, Sumerian is considered the first written language. Spoken in Southern Mesopotamia, it was popular during the 3rd millennium, BCE. My hunch is that’s when ghostwriting began, and we’ve been at it ever since.

Ghostwriter gets used a lot these days

Use of the word, ghostwriter is some indication of acceptance I think. Consider this chart from Google:

hiring a ghostwriter

This shows how often the word, ghostwriter, has been mentioned in publications since 1800. There’s no way to tell, as we move past 1991 which was when the first web page was launched, [1] how much of the usage was for books and how much for blogs, and web articles.

I suspect that up until the 1950s and 60s, no one talked about ghostwriting.  It was kept secret, perhaps even a shameful secret. Gradually it became okay to reveal that such and such a book was ghostwritten, perhaps first in gossip columns and then, as time passed, in the more respectable press. I can see that change in viewpoint resulting in the increased use of the term. How many books are actually ghostwritten is something of an unknown. But it’s a bunch

These days, much of the public and every trade publisher (who often hire ghosts) recognize ghostwriting as legitimate.

After all, it’s pretty well recognized that writing a book takes a serious investment of time. Most of us wouldn’t want, say the acting President of the United States to take time off to write a book. In fact all sorts of celebrities and CEOs and top sales people and those with great stories to tell either don’t have time or they don’t like to write.

Both are perfectly good reasons to hire a ghostwriter.

Anne Wayman, Ghostwriter and Writing Coach


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