How to Hire Me to Ghost, or Coach or…

It’s pretty easy to hire me, and working with me usually begins with a phone call. You can try potluck – and I will call you back if we miss, or we can set up a phone appointment – email me.

You can hire me to:

Write a book proposal so you can approach an agent or publisher.

Coach you to write your own proposal or book.

Ghostwrite your book.

Consult with me about your project

Or some combination or approach I haven’t thought of yet.

We’ll talk

Our first call is likely to run half an hour or so. I won’t charge you for the initial consultation. I’ll ask questions like these:

What do you want to write or get written?hire me

Why do you want to write that?

Have you got anything written yet? (It’s totally okay if you haven’t.)

Do you have a budget in mind?

But I’m not going to quiz you – think of these as conversation starters and if you don’t know the answer to any of them, that’s okay. I’m pretty good at helping you figure all this out.

As we talk about your dreams for your project we’ll each be developing the sense of the other; we’ll begin to know if we can work together and if we want to.

I’ll also send a non-disclosure agreement right after I call so your ideas will be protected.

A proposal is next

Assuming we agree to take the next step, I’ll email the non-disclosure agreement and start working on a specific proposal just for you. It will describe your project, speak of your goals, discuss how we will proceed, talk about timing and name a price and how it’s to be paid.

It will be a proposal. If there’s something that isn’t right, let’s talk about it and see what’s needed to make it work.

And so it begins

Once you accept the final proposal and I receive the initial payment, we begin, using the proposal as the guide.

Does all this make sense to you? If not, please feel free to contact me.

By the way, if you haven’t yet gotten you no-cost copy of Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Ghostwriting but Didn’t Know Who to Ask you can get it here.

Anne Wayman, Ghostwriter and Writing Coach