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Anne WaymanAccording to a family story, I began my freelance writing career in the 6th grade, with a news article on class elections. That’s not exactly what I remember from 6th grade, but…  I do know that starting in 7th grade, a typing class guaranteed me a spot on the class newspaper from then on.

Well into early adulthood I mostly read about writing and the writing business, submitting occasional pieces to local newspapers, wanting to take the call seriously but scared half to death.

When I worked in my father’s real estate office I ended up writing all the ads and most of the sales letters, never suspecting that others couldn’t do the same thing.

That turned out to be excellent training because we closely tracked the result of every ad – instant and informative feedback about what worked and what didn’t.

About the same time I was asked to become editor-in-chief for a non-profit magazine after attending an organizational meeting. The pay was small – the experience priceless. It was there I began to understand that, not only could I write, but I could work with authors and help them develop their writing. The magazine even took a Maggie Award.

I began to submit to magazines and other publishers and get accepted. A new thought minister who had a book contract discovered she couldn’t work with her ghostwriter and asked me to take over. With no real clue what I was getting into, I accepted. Her book became a best seller.

A seminar leader asked me to do the pre-edit on his book about relationships… and so it went. Each book I worked on taught me both about writing and working successfully with people who want to get a book written.

Over thirty years of successful freelance writing (see list of credits) has taught me a great deal. My writing experience includes: