7 Steps to Ghostwriting Your Book

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I don’t  know how other ghostwriters do it, but there are generally 7 steps to ghostwriting your book. The idea is we work together to transfer the information, including stories, ideas, timelines, etc. from your head to mine so I can write the book you want in your voice. Here are the steps that seem to work best for me and my authors:

  1. We start with a Visioning – which is an over the phone process to help you open to the possibilities of your book.
  1. I then ask you to draft a 10 word purpose for your book – I often help directly with this. This purpose guides us both through the book writing and helps lay the groundwork for marketing.

  1. The next step is for you to define an ideal reader, or two. Although many think their book is for ‘everyone,’ it’s not. Recognizing who your reader really is makes the book better in many ways and7 steps to ghostwriting your book helps with marketing it.
  1. You then generate a list of 10-20 or so items that simply must be in your book. This becomes the working table of contents.
  1. We start, usually with a chapter – books don’t always get written front to back. It might be the first chapter, or they may be some good reasons to start elsewhere. I interview you over the phone about the chapter’s topic. I write the draft and send it to you for your edits and corrections.
  1. As I’m writing a chapter or a section, we do the next interview. I submit a draft of my writing for your reading, correcting and editing. In some cases you’ll tell me what needs to be changed in another phone call, in others you’ll mark up the draft and return it to me. Sometimes we’ll use both techniques. This back and forth continues until the book is complete.
  1. When we’ve completed the chapters I meld this into a final manuscript. When we’re both happy with it, the manuscript gets turned over to a professional copyeditor. When those corrections are made, the book is complete.

This outline of the process is, of course, bare bones. Other ways that work include you writing rough drafts and me fixing them, me working from transcribed audio or videos, a combination of these or something I haven’t thought of yet.

Imagine your book finished and in your hand! It’s possible – even more than possible.

Anne Wayman, Ghostwriter and Writing Coach




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