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I believe that when anyone feels like they want or even need to get a book written that desire needs to be honored. I’ve found doing a Visioning can help you open up to the larger purpose of your book.

A Visioning is a meditative way of bringing the Universal Mind/Sprit/God/Universe/Still Small Voice/Something that is at your center into your book. It can help you open up and get beyond just your typical limited thoughts about what you have to offer.

Visioning is different from visualization because you’re allowing Spirit (however you think about that) to inform you, rather than telling Spirit what you want.

And yeah, that’s a bit woo-woo for many. Which is okay. If you’ll let your notions go and try it you may be pleasantly surprised.

You can do Visioning by yourself with these instructions or let someone help you.

Vision for your bookThe Visioning process

Start by getting centered and quiet, then moving into the silence, knowing you’re surrounded in love and creativity.  The intention is to open to the in-flow of whatever guides you for information.

I generally use the following six questions. The exact wording doesn’t matter. You can substitute or change in any way you want.

Visioning takes place in two or three parts. If you’re working alone, it will be two parts. If you’re working with someone else and/or in a group, it will be three.

The first time through the questions, you simply listen to each one, with your eyes closed or lowered if you’re comfortable with that. Just notice what comes up in your mind in response to the questions. You might get a picture, or remember a song or other sound. You might sense a fragrance. You might get a word or even a sentence. Or, nothing may come up in the moment – that’s okay too.

The second time through the questions, you work with pencil and paper, making a brief notes or quick sketch about your experience the first time through and any thing else that comes up. It’s important to keep it brief – you’re going for an impression, the essence – not a story or great detail.

If you’re Visioning with a facilitator and/or in a group, you’ll usually go through the questions a final time, giving you  have an opportunity to share your Vision.

Questions to help you create a vision for your book

The goal is to answer each of these questions, not in detail at this point, but in a way that captures their core.

What is Spirit’s Highest Vision and ideal your book?

What idea, thought, behavior, do you need to let go of to empower this Vision your book?

What will you embrace and accept  gets embraced to empower the Vision your book?

In what way/s will you, deepen and expand, as this Vision is experienced?

What, exactly, are you willing to commit to and give right now so this Vision can manifest?

What other information wants to be revealed or understood in this moment about your book?

Congratulate yourself!

Yes, congratulate yourself. You’ve looked deeply and you deserve at least a virtual pat on the back.

Once you’re done, take a few moments to be still. If you can, get out doors for at least a few moments.

Keep the notes you took someplace where you can find them to help you capture the heart of your Vision as you need it when you’re actually writing your book You’re apt to find you’re clear on exactly what you want to write.

Visioning is for everyone

I learned Visioning through the United Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly known as the United Church of Religious Science). Since I first discovered Visioning, they are no longer providing guidance. Although I didn’t invent the process I did create the questions. Please, feel free to use them any way that works for you.

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman, Ghostwriter and Writing Coach




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