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Through the Labyrinth of Writing Your Book
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4 – Your Book’s Ideal Reader(s)

“If you write for everyone you write for no one.” I don’t remember where I first heard this, but it’s one of those statements that as a writer I immediately recognized as true. It comes to mind whenever someone contacts me for ghostwriting a book. After we chat a bit I’ll ask about their book […]

APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – A Must Have Book

I should have known I’d like Guy Kawasaki’s book, APE – Author | Publisher | Entrepreneur.  And yes, he wrote it with Shawn Welch. Like many, I know Guy, or feel like I do through his tweets, his Holy Kaw site which links to almost everything and through another big book,  Enchantment: The Art of […]

5 – Set Up Your Writing Schedule

Once you have your Working Table Of Contents you also have an overview of your book. That list becomes your roadmap for getting your book written. To get your book written you’re going to have to write consistently. As a rough guide, if you can devote four hours a day every weekday to writing you can […]

3. Develop A Working Table Of Contents

Once you have the Vision and Purpose for your book you’re in a position to write a working table of contents. There are two key concepts here, ‘working’ and list. Be assured you’re not creating a final table of contents – that will only come as you actually write the book. This is just a […]

2. Create A 10 Word Purpose Statement For Your Book

At first glance it may seem that Vision and Purpose are the same thing. Here’s the difference when it comes to getting your book written: A Vision is like the largest, most open view of your book. The Purpose is the laser-like focus you need to get the book written well for your readers. While […]

1. Create A Vision For Your Book

I believe that when anyone feels like they want or even need to get a book written that desire needs to be honored. I’ve found doing a Visioning can help you open up to the larger purpose of your book. A Visioning is a meditative way of bringing the Universal Mind/Sprit/God/Universe/Still Small Voice/Something that is […]

Are You Afraid To Get Your Book Written?

Some time ago, a delightful man contracted with me to write a book that was to be the story of his successful business life. We’d finished our first interview session, I’d submitted the first rough draft which he said he liked. I showed up for our second appointment and with a big sigh and tears […]

Earn $1.25 Per Copy O Your Book or $85?

One of the decisions everyone who writes a book must make is to either self-publish or to look for a trade publisher. Here are some things to think about. Awhile back I attended a retreat given by Mark Silver who runs Heart Of Business. What to expect from trade publishing It’s hard to get rich […]

Do You Need An Agent To Sell Your Book? A FAQ

An agent can be a real help. It can also be as hard to find an agent as it is a publisher. Or, you may not need one at all. These FAQs should help you decide. What does a literary agent do for writers? A literary agent represents the author of a book to publishers. […]